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Address: 3059 N. Morton St., Suite B, Franklin, IN 46131

Hours: Tuesdays 9am – 5pm

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Hearing Solutions of Indiana in Franklin

At Hearing Solutions of Indiana, we want to provide you with the correct hearing aids in Franklin, Indiana. We are a team of professional audiologists that offers free hearing evaluations. After the hearing exam, we will thoroughly go over the results to come up with an individualized plan. Our hearing specialists also come up with treatment plans for tinnitus.

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Audiology services available at this location

Hearing Tests

Give us a call today at (317) 973-7109 to have a free phone consultation with our team. We will be able to get a better grasp on your current hearing condition. Or you can also schedule a hearing consultation right away to get the process started. During the examination, your audiologist will explain the different hearing aids that we offer.

Hearing Aids

hearing aid is a device that helps guests who have a wide range of hearing loss. We take pride in the fact that we work with only the top hearing aid manufacturers in order to guarantee that our guests get the care that they need. Below are just a few of the brands we offer: One of the many advantages of our hearing aids in Franklin, Indiana, is that we custom fit your hearing aid and program it to maximize your hearing.

Hearing Aid Styles

  • Every guest is different, so we provide a wide range of hearing aid styles, including:
  • In-the-Ear (ITE)
  • Behind-the-Ear (BTE)
  • In-the-Canal (ITC)

Hearing Aid Services & Repair

If your hearing aids need to be cleaned or checked, give us a call so we can get that fixed right away. We also provide maintenance and hearing aid repairs.

Tinnitus Treatment

The constant distraction of ringing and buzzing in the ears is unbearable. Tinnitus is an audiological and neurological condition that unfortunately can not be cured, but it can be helped with our treatment options, such as:
  • Earwax Removal
  • Hearing Aids/Maskers
  • Alternative Treatments
  • Homeopathic or Herbal Remedy
  • Cognitive Therapy
If we believe that there might be a specific medical condition that is resulting in tinnitus, then we will refer you to a physician so that you have the option to receive medical treatment. We are proud to be your local hearing aid clinic and would be happy to assist you on your next visit. Browse our website to find out more about our hearing aids in Franklin, Indiana. If you have any questions, please call us at (317) 973-7109.

Our Audiologists in Franklin

Dr. Judy Olson Hearing Solutions of Indiana

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Judy is a Lafayette native and has worn hearing aids for many years. This has helped her serve her guests with hearing loss for over 20 years. Prior to opening this practice, she was the Audiology head for IU Arnett and most recently worked with Dr. Davis, ENT with Unity Healthcare.

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hearing Aids in Franklin

Oticon Real

These exceptional hearing aids from Oticon are designed to work like your brain, because it is learned through experience. Clinical evidence supports why so many people consider these to be the best hearing aids.

Phonak Paradise

Phonak Paradise is the world’s first hearing aid with a motion sensor, speech enhancement, tap controls and universal Bluetooth connectivity which means you can connect to your Apple or Android smartphone for streaming.

Signia AX

Signia AX use the new Augmented Focus technology to separate the sound of speech from surrounding sounds, process them separately and create a clearer output.

Widex Moment

Widex Moment is an intelligent hearing aid that uses machine learning to learn alongside the user and also has the ability to automatically adapt to different listening environments.